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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Been a while but here are a few updates!!!!

For some reason I have been busy, too busy to put some thoughts down and what has been happening lately......wonder why????

So many things happening just to mention a few, Chloee is up to 8 teeth with a couple of molars currently pushing threw, she enjoys eating sidewalk chalk this summer so much so that her poop yesterday was a pretty shade of pink, she has graduated to a big girl bed, no more cribs for this house :)  She has shown to be quite the little trooper lately, lots of falls and bumps and bruises.  Yesterday she pulled a bar stool down on her head and received numerous bruises to her forehead and nose......she is keeping up with her big brothers for sure!!!!!

Jett, well he is turning into a little boy now, the baby chubby's are disappearing and he is getting tall.  I look at him and wonder where that little fart went!  He is sooooo solid and strong, just like his Daddy!!!  Nobody will be pushing that kid around!  He is speaking so much now, that we have full blown conversations with him now, some tend to be argument's.....he has his own little mind and knows what he wants!  He loves to still flash those big blue eyes at us when he is in trouble, he knows how to play us for sure!!!  He still loves his zebra blankets and the tag.  The Tag is very important to him!!!! 

Chase, well he is such a big boy now, learned how to ride his bike with two wheels, rollerblading with Daddy, fishing, heading down the street all by himself to hang with his where did my baby go?  He is going into SK this September.  He is such a wonderful kid, with such a big heart.  He amazes me everyday how loving he is!  All day long I get to hear " I love you Mommy"  How amazing is that?????  He is taking on the roll of watching his brother or sister when they play together now also....and will report everything that is done!  He gets dressed himself, get's his own milk, gets his pj's on, brushes his teeth!!!  Just a little man now!!!!

Well as usual I am so very proud and honoured to have these three little humans in my life!!!!  I am such a lucky Mom!!!!!  Love you all!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A week for the record books

With Matt's job travel is a huge part......handling 3 children on my own can prove to be a huge challenge sometimes, this past week with Matt away was one for the books. 

The week started off great, the first day anyway, but late that evening the table turned.  Once I finally got the kids all to bed and got myself in bed and spent about an hour unwinding watching tv.  I finally felt ready to sleep, cuddled in for the night and just into a nice sleep, our Carbon Monoxide detector began to sound the alarm.   It took me a few minutes to finally figure out what the sound was.  Alarmed and scared, I ran out the front door to see if anyone was around, as sadly I don't know enough about these detectors.  Luckily our neighbours Chad and his brother were outside and came over to lend a helping hand, they couldn't figure out why it was going off either.  It continued to go off for a couple of hours, Chad lent us one of his detectors so that we could turn ours off.  His detector remained silent and didn't pick up anything.  It was later determined that our detector had been covered in hairspray......wonder who could have done that...JETT!!!!!!  That night not alot of sleep was had, as later on in the evening a little tornado ran threw our area and tore our back deck lawn furniture apart, dumping things, removing the umbrella and making a heck of a lot of nice.

The next morning was a very long one, we woke and Jett was ill, he had a huge temperature and wanted to sleep all day, I just kept up on the advil and fluids for him..poor little man......the next day he seemed to be fine, and then it was Chase's turn......he awoke in the middle of the night and came in bed with me, needing advil also, with a huge temperature.  Sleep was not our friend for the past 3 nights!!!

We woke the next morning and Chase stayed in bed for the day, so it was his turn to keep the fluids and advil to him.  The following morning he was doing much it was onto Chloee.  Chloee was teething at the same time so things seemed to be a little more intense for her.  Her fever got up to 101 and she would not allow me to leave her at all!!  She was not in good spirits at all or eating or drinking.....After day 3 of this behaviour I began to get a little scared and thought she needed to be seen by he doctor.  Later that day I had her into our family doctor and after being checked out the doctor sent us to the hospital.  Couldn't figure out what was wrong with her, so they wanted to do some more extensive exams and test.....7 hours later we were released with all test coming back negative and they determined that she had a viral infection.  Poor little thing.  Daddy jumped on a plane and headed home from Vancouver that night to help and Gramma and Boppa jumped in the car and drove here to help also.  Our good friends the Jossee's helped out so greatly with taking the boys for me while I had Chlo at the hospital.......Moral of this week, we have wonderful people in our lives ...thank you all for your offers to help us!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A few more sleeping positions....

This kid never sises to amazing me......just a few more positions that the Jettman has fallen asleep in, in the past few weeks......

Wipe Out!!!

Well now that our big girl is on the move she officially needs to be watched 24/7.....She is now taking the odd few steps by herself.  While playing out on the deck the other day Miss Chloee was enjoying some time playing in the water table with her big brothers, when the wipe out occurred!!!  With me standing right there I might add, she proceeded down the side of the deck where there is two steps, directly into a huge mud pile.  This little one certainly has a temper on her!!!!  She was MAD!!!
Mom and Dad couldn't resist grabbing the camera first to capture the moment!!!
Befor the big fall!!!  Having fun with her bro!!!

And After the Fall!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Princess turns "1"

Well we had a wonderful day celebrating with friends and family Chloee's first birthday.  She had three wardrobe changes throughout the day, the diva that she is.
The Final dress of the day
The first dress of the day
The second dress of the day
Her very first birthday cake was made by our dear friend Adrienne.  How very lucky we are.....her
Barbie Cake...
It is hard to believe it has been a year, even as I sit here and type thinking back to a year ago today, beginning to have some cramping and heading into the hospital......She was Early.....couldn't wait any longer!    To date we no longer are on Formula, we are on full blown milk now, she walks with a little toy walker now or cruize's around the furniture, she has her two front teeth and bottom teeth.  She now uses those teeth to eat all kinds of new foods, enjoying blueberry's and raspberry's, and cheese slices are her fav. 

What a wonderful year it has been, looking so forward to the bright future with all three of our amazing kids~!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The SandMan Takes Over

It amazes me how kids can just sleep anywhere, my kids are great at it!!!
Jett - 2.7 years old - April 2011
Chloee sleeping with Mommy - 6 months old

Chase in Hawaii - April 2011 - 5 years old

Whats Been Happening Lately

Well as usual this is a busy house, with many, many things happening.  This past week has been no different.  Chase attended his very first Hockey Banquet at the end of his hockey very cute, he got dressed up in dress shirt and tie....he looked like a million bucks!!!
Chase 5 years April 2011
He was so very proud to receive his medal, they had a record year of 3 wins and only 1 loss!!!   :)  It was a special year also as Daddy was their coach.  Not sure who enjoyed the season more,  Chase or Matt.

Chase has gotten a new bigger bike this year, and we are working on getting rid of training wheels, after a few falls he is a little gun shy but Daddy is working with him.
Next Up is Jett, well Jett is showing that he is his father's son, he so enjoys teasing us all.  His biggest trick is taking your seat after you get up for a moment and laughing at you.  His Vocabulary is progressing so well, words are coming out of his mouth that shock us all!!!  It is so cute to hear him say comes out as SHASE.and Chloee is Chooooo!  He has such a sweet personality with the biggest heart!!!  He is getting much better attending Inspiring Minds, not as many tears when he is dropped off now, just over 2 and half years old I think he is doing really well.  He has also taking over driving Chase's 4-wheeler, he does pretty well, a few crashes into the car and gardens but overall he does quite well.
Finally Ms. Chloee, well it has almost been a year since she came into our lives and what a wonderful year it has been....she really did complete our family to the fullest.    We are planning her 1st birthday in a few weeks.  Family and friends will help us celebrate.  She currently has 4 teeth, she is creeping around furniture practising to walk, started to climb stairs and finally sleep through the night!!!  Ahhh life is good!!! 
Gramma came for a visit last week and the kids had a ball, they are so very lucky to have such involved grandparents on both sides!!!  It is so important for them and we cherish every moment they get to spend together!

April 2011 First Canoe of the Season, Matt, Chase and Mario
Will be back soon for the next update!!!!