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Monday, April 18, 2011

The SandMan Takes Over

It amazes me how kids can just sleep anywhere, my kids are great at it!!!
Jett - 2.7 years old - April 2011
Chloee sleeping with Mommy - 6 months old

Chase in Hawaii - April 2011 - 5 years old

Whats Been Happening Lately

Well as usual this is a busy house, with many, many things happening.  This past week has been no different.  Chase attended his very first Hockey Banquet at the end of his hockey very cute, he got dressed up in dress shirt and tie....he looked like a million bucks!!!
Chase 5 years April 2011
He was so very proud to receive his medal, they had a record year of 3 wins and only 1 loss!!!   :)  It was a special year also as Daddy was their coach.  Not sure who enjoyed the season more,  Chase or Matt.

Chase has gotten a new bigger bike this year, and we are working on getting rid of training wheels, after a few falls he is a little gun shy but Daddy is working with him.
Next Up is Jett, well Jett is showing that he is his father's son, he so enjoys teasing us all.  His biggest trick is taking your seat after you get up for a moment and laughing at you.  His Vocabulary is progressing so well, words are coming out of his mouth that shock us all!!!  It is so cute to hear him say comes out as SHASE.and Chloee is Chooooo!  He has such a sweet personality with the biggest heart!!!  He is getting much better attending Inspiring Minds, not as many tears when he is dropped off now, just over 2 and half years old I think he is doing really well.  He has also taking over driving Chase's 4-wheeler, he does pretty well, a few crashes into the car and gardens but overall he does quite well.
Finally Ms. Chloee, well it has almost been a year since she came into our lives and what a wonderful year it has been....she really did complete our family to the fullest.    We are planning her 1st birthday in a few weeks.  Family and friends will help us celebrate.  She currently has 4 teeth, she is creeping around furniture practising to walk, started to climb stairs and finally sleep through the night!!!  Ahhh life is good!!! 
Gramma came for a visit last week and the kids had a ball, they are so very lucky to have such involved grandparents on both sides!!!  It is so important for them and we cherish every moment they get to spend together!

April 2011 First Canoe of the Season, Matt, Chase and Mario
Will be back soon for the next update!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vacation with Daddy and Chase

We had the pleasure of bringing Chase with us on vacation in Vancouver, Whistler and then finally Hawaii......such a wonderful experience.  Chase had the time of his life as did Mommy and Daddy, we were all very tired with the time change but for Chase being a 5 year old, he was awesome!!!!  I know I was tired so I an only imagine how he felt, but he sure did make the entire trip enjoyable for us!  One special moment stands out in Vancouver, taking him to the big aquarium......I have NEVER seen him that excited before in my life!  It was worth the entire trip just seeing the excitement in his eyes, I am so happy he shares the love of animals that his Daddy and I do.

Chase at the Aquarium in Vancouver March 2011
We then continued on to Whistler, the drive there was simply breathtaking....words cannot do it justice.....Mother Nature sure is talented!!!  Chase's favourite part of Whistler was swimming inside and out.....
During the drive to Whistler
Swimming in Whistler in the outdoors
Chase at the Beach in Hawaii
Next we were on to Hawaii, with much delay but we did finally get there and Chase was a trooper through all the delays, line ups and missed flights!!!  He really was born to travel!    One special moment stands out from Hawaii, we had the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbour and tour the Arizona.  During the tour Chase became very tired and cranky, so I took him down to a sitting area so that Matt could finish the tour and so that Chase would not disrupt the other people.  During our "quiet" time Chase was ready to have a meltdown, so over tired!  He wanted me to buy him a treat, however coming on the tour you were not permitted to bring any bag or purse.  So I had no wallet on me, and Matt up on the ship on tour, Chase was not going to get a treat at that moment.  There happen to be a older gentlemen sitting along the side on his break, he happen to be one of the tour guides from the ship.  He was on his well deserved break, having a coke and a snack.  He had a package of Fruit Mento's he saw Chase loosing it, he offered up his full package of mento's to bring a smile to his face.  How so very sweet the people are in Hawaii.  This man had grandchildren of his own and knew the limits of a child and thought he would help out!  Something I will always remember.  He taught us that doing a little something for someone can mean the world to another.  Once Matt returned I tried to repay this man for his mento's but he simply said.."No, it was my pleasure to spend this time with you and Chase".  Probably one of the most favorite part of our Hawaii trip.  Many other moments to mention, such as the Beach Boys playing on our beach, or laying and playing on the amazing Lagoon Beach with Chase, or swimming in the lava created pools at the hotel.   Many many more moments were experienced but too many to type out!!!    Thank you Matt and Chase for making this trip soooo wonderful!!!!