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Friday, February 25, 2011


It's been a few weeks since I have been able to update.....wonder why?  Could have something to do with the 3 children in my life!!!    So I thought I should just give a little update as to what has been happening lately.

Miss Chloee has gotten her second tooth and the poor little thing as suffered through it.....teething has been a tough go for her....I am hoping it gets a little easier for her in the future as it is a long road of teeth coming in......another milestone she reached is official crawling, she looks so cute with her little bum wiggling around the house.  She has places to go now and loves every minute.......She is just shy of 10 months now and it has been an amazing voyage so far!!!

Now on to Jett, well Mr. Jett is keeping us busy.......he is learning so many things from his big brother, some good and some not so good.  At this moment, Jett's favorite saying is "In a Minute"  meaning, I will do what you told me in a minute.   He makes me laugh as he is such an little booger at loving and wants to cuddle on your lap and in the next breath throwing a temper tamp tram on the floor.  I never saw these tamp trams with Chase so this is new...and dealing with it is challenging, however most of them time I let him scream it out...seems to work.  The big boy has retired his bottle now and understands that bottles are for Baby Chloee, not big boy Jett, he wants to drink his milk in a sippy cup like his big brother Chase now!!!    Way to go big man.....Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and love you so much!!!
And now on to my big boy Chase, well this little guy has been so busy lately, between school, hockey, hanging with his buddies and just plan having fun...he's busy!!!  Daddy took he and Jett to see the Raptors play this week, they travelled to the game in a huge SUV stretched Limo and then went to sit in the box to watch the game and have goodies.
We recently made a trip home to Kingston, kind of a tough trip for Chase, first we thought we lost his DSI which was very traumatic for all, then on a outing he fell and had to be taken into Emergency and received 4 stitches....his second set of stitches.....he does think his scare is pretty cool though, he got to go to school on Tuesday and show is teacher and all his buddies and tell them the tale!  A big day is fast approaching, my big man is going to be 5, it is incredible to me that he is going to be where has the time gone?  What a wonderful 5 years it has been buddy!!!  Mommy and Daddy love you, and thank you for making this parenting thing so easy. 

How very lucky Matt and I are to have such wonderful, happy and healthy children, I would never ask for anything more in this world!!! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two Short little tales to tell.........

So last night, getting close to bedtime for the kids we are all sitting in the living room watching a little T.V.   We decide that it is time to get the kids ready for bed, and one of their bedtime rituals is having some milk to take to bed after brushing their teeth.  Well last night Matt said...OK Chase it's time to go brush out teeth and Daddy will make you some Chocolate Milk to take up to bed.........Chase became so upset and yelling back at Dad saying....."I CAN'T HAVE CHOCOLATE MILK FOR BEDTIME DADDY I HAVE POOOOOO SAUCE".....he was so upset and Matt and I could barely keep from laughing at him, I think it was just how irritated he was with Matt cause he was going to make him Chocolate Milk and everyone knows that Chocolate Milk gives you POOOOOOO SAUCE!!!  In Chase's world anyway!!!!  :)  He'll kill me when he is older that I have told these stories I am sure!!!

And the next story that happen in this house today.......Jett came home from school, it was a busy 10 minutes as he came in as we were getting Chase ready to go to hockey, feeding Chloee her dinner and getting dinner going for all of us.........I heard Jett wander into the laundry room where our bin of dog food is kept, I heard him pull himself up on the cupboard to the counter and open the dog food bin.........before I could even get out of my chair to go stop him, he was back on the floor running up the stairs to his room, I hear his door slam shut and he is giggling hiding in his bed under the covers, I come into his room and ask him what he is doing?  His response is after he uncovers his head from his blankets and with a full mouth of dog kibble he says....mothing!!!    LOL!!!  Or tries to say it anyway!!!!  What a hiding to eat the dog kibble!!!