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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Been a while but here are a few updates!!!!

For some reason I have been busy, too busy to put some thoughts down and what has been happening lately......wonder why????

So many things happening just to mention a few, Chloee is up to 8 teeth with a couple of molars currently pushing threw, she enjoys eating sidewalk chalk this summer so much so that her poop yesterday was a pretty shade of pink, she has graduated to a big girl bed, no more cribs for this house :)  She has shown to be quite the little trooper lately, lots of falls and bumps and bruises.  Yesterday she pulled a bar stool down on her head and received numerous bruises to her forehead and nose......she is keeping up with her big brothers for sure!!!!!

Jett, well he is turning into a little boy now, the baby chubby's are disappearing and he is getting tall.  I look at him and wonder where that little fart went!  He is sooooo solid and strong, just like his Daddy!!!  Nobody will be pushing that kid around!  He is speaking so much now, that we have full blown conversations with him now, some tend to be argument's.....he has his own little mind and knows what he wants!  He loves to still flash those big blue eyes at us when he is in trouble, he knows how to play us for sure!!!  He still loves his zebra blankets and the tag.  The Tag is very important to him!!!! 

Chase, well he is such a big boy now, learned how to ride his bike with two wheels, rollerblading with Daddy, fishing, heading down the street all by himself to hang with his where did my baby go?  He is going into SK this September.  He is such a wonderful kid, with such a big heart.  He amazes me everyday how loving he is!  All day long I get to hear " I love you Mommy"  How amazing is that?????  He is taking on the roll of watching his brother or sister when they play together now also....and will report everything that is done!  He gets dressed himself, get's his own milk, gets his pj's on, brushes his teeth!!!  Just a little man now!!!!

Well as usual I am so very proud and honoured to have these three little humans in my life!!!!  I am such a lucky Mom!!!!!  Love you all!!!