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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well yet again a new experience with Jett.  4 years ago after having Chase we decided to formula feed him, we then followed suit with all of our kids.......Thank God!!!!

Yesterday after asking for yet another bottle of milk, Jett took his bottle and walked away content.  A few moments later he became very frantic. pointing down to the ground at something.  It turns out it was the tip of his nipple from his bottle, he had bitten it off.  He was very upset pointing at it on the ground saying....OUCH!!!!  What a kid!!!!!  No breast feeding for this Momma!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bye Bye Poopy Pants

While visiting here in Kingston we had a new experience with Jett.  During a very busy time, Chloee needed her diaper changed, she had done a number two and made a mess of her brand new pink tights.  Gramma had changed her and while getting her a new outfit to put on, Jett proceeded to put the soiled tights in the can and flush away, cause isn't that where that sort of thing goes?  Yep Jett, your right buddy!!!  Bye Bye new pink tights..enjoy your new home! 

Upon returning home to Wellesley, he decided to flush a toothbrush down the toilet as well!!!    I now have a Plumber on speed dial!!!! 

The next date with the toilet took place two days later.  Matt left his wallet on our dryer within reach of Jett.  I noticed Matt then searching our house in a frenzie.  I asked, what is the matter?  His answer....JETT......he had taken Matt's wallet, taken $200 bucks out and receipts for work.....they were no where to be found.  We finally started to come to the conclusion that the money and receipts that are just like money had been flushed down the toilet.  Luckily after 2 hours of searching, under the couch, there was the money and receipts.  Sorry for thinking you flushed them Jett, however you are still guilty!!!!  LOL!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Travelling With Kids

Can there be anything more tough than travelling with your kids, yep maybe the preparation for the travel!!!  I spend days getting ready for our trips to Kingston, so many things to think about from Teething Gel to Taggy Blankets, my crew travel with a lot of things, no wonder our Suburban is loaded to the max, 2 adults 3 kids, 2 black labs and all our stuff!!!  It's pure insanity! 

Then we come to the actually travel day and the caous that happens getting the vehicle loaded, making sure the dogs have gone to the bathroom, does everyone have their snack and drinks, bottles are full, diapers are changed and Chase have you used the bathroom yet?  Just a few of the thoughts that flash threw my mind.

We are loaded and we pull out of our driveway, waving goodbye to our house and starting that 4 hour journey of ...... Mom I need a drink, Mom Jett is looking at me, Mom I need to go pee, Mom, Mom, Mom......that is only Chase, then Jett has his own wants with the list starting with drinks, snacks, put the movie on, my diaper is wet, I want my bottle, give me my taggy...all in his own little language. 
Who ever is lucky enough to be in the passenger sit, gets to tend to all of their needs and the driver, well they get to sit back and laugh!!!  I opted for driving this trip!!!    I laugh at the process of travel days!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Big Day!!!! Chase's School Career Begins!

I type this tale with joy and sadness.......really can my baby be attending his first day of school tomorrow.  I am thrilled for him but at the same time terrified.  He is going on a big school bus all by himself, with a ton of other (older) kids.  I found myself laying in bed last night, worrying about getting him out to the bus stop (which happens to be in front of our house) in time.  Worrying about making him a big boy lunch, will he eat it, will he eat his snacks at the right time.  What if he is thirsty, will I send him enough juice and milk!  My god I am making myself crazy!!!! 

On the other hand I am soooo excited for him to begin this journey!!!  I hope he loves to learn the way his Daddy does....always something new each day!!!    I will spend my evening getting his clothes picked out for his big day, getting his new school bag packed, getting the camera charged up for pictures and hugging him tightly!!!!    Here we go............will update tomorrow!!!! 

 Well the big day is here and it went off perfectly.....I was a little nervous standing there as the big bus pulled up but Chase and his buddy Braeden got on the school bus together and away they went.  It really was the sweetest sight.  However as the school bus pulled away.....omg....he was gone!!!  It all happen so darn fast.  We packed his lunch together & picked his clothes out this morning, and now there he goes down the road in the big school bus!!!  I am a proud Momma this morning!!!  Way to go Chase!!!  You did awesome....can't wait to hear how your day went!!!  Love you!

Well he is home now and had a fantastic day!!!  He was so happy when he came home and got off the bus!!!  He said he had lots of fun playing in the gym today cause they were allowed to yell and scream!!!  With nobody telling him to be quiet!!!  lol!!!  Things have changed since I attended public school for sure.  One thing that stands out is they have two nutrition snack times, one mid morning and one mid afternoon  instead of a lunch hour.  When they got off the school bus I noticed they were "tagged" like cattle, it was pretty cute, letting all know where they were heading home to.   My little man looks very tired's to a nice quiet night in the Pomeroy household!!!!  :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Flying Solo

Well this week will prove to be interesting.  Matt must leave on business for the week.  Sadly he is going to miss Chase getting on the school bus and heading off to his first day of school.  It hurts my heart knowing he will miss this experience, I can only imagine what he will be feeling being away.  So this tale will be dedicated to him.  This week I will document all the cute and not so cute things that occur at the hands of these three!!! 

To start the week off, Jett....yes of course Jett.  The boys were the basement playing as I was trying to keep things calm up on the main floor so that Chloee could have a little cat nap.  Chase started to yell that Jett needed his diaper changed.  Next Jett was coming up the stairs, no pants on, no shirt on, no diaper on...NOTHING.......but poop all over him!!! GREAT!!!  Chase then yells...."there's more down here Mommy".......I first take Jett upstairs and throw him in the shower...letting him rinse in the nice HOT water, then proceeded to head BACK down two flights of stairs yet again to the find Poo Turds all over the Pool table!!!  Apparently that is the place to poo!!!  Chase used to do the same thing during his training period but it would be up on our kitchen counter!!!  Yep...I used a lot of Bleach then for cleaning!!!    I would find little nuggets of treasures left for me on the counter!!!!  And so the poo stories continue......For people without kids I know this is a crazy thought but for those of you with kids...yep just another day!!! 

I will keep this tale open and let Matt enjoy it at the end of the week!!!  Stay Tuned!!!  lol!!!

Tues. Sept. 14th, 2010........
So another fun little story happen today......Chase, Chloee and I went out to do some errands, Jett was at preschool.  We went and got all our "stuff" done and were driving home.  I began singing to Aerosmith.....Chase says to me "Mommy stop it, you're making me headache!!!!"  Apparently I am a really bad singer if I can make someone headache!!!  lol!!

Wed. Sept. 15, 2010............
So I usually am pretty confident that my kids are in great hands when they are with worries!!!  But, today I look out the window to our backyard, which is completely fenced in with locks and all....should be no worries right???......Wrong!!!  IT'S JETT!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Princess

To start the tale, I must tell you what Matt did just hours before each one of our ultrasounds.  He took one of his business cards and wrote down his guess of what sex the baby was to be.  Wouldn't show me until we had left the building and found out what the baby was.  2 times out of 3 he had been RIGHT!    Would it happen again???????

With our two boys, Chase and Jett he called it, we were thrilled!  I was so excited to have boys, especially since they are half Gilmours, I wanted some hockey players!  But then the third opportunity came and we found ourselves in the ultrasound room.  I was so excited, I was going to be happy with either sex but deep down inside since I had been privileged with two boys I wanted a shot at a little girl.   I waited patiently for the technician to tell us the heart thumped!!!  And finally.....she said....WELL, to me it looks like a ..........little girl!!!  I almost fell off the table!!!!  Sooooooo happy and lucky, can you imagine, having two awesome healthy boys at home and now we were going to be able to add a little girl to our complete our family!!!  As we left the ultrasound office, Matt handed me the business card, and revealed..."It's gonna be a GIRL"......3 for 3 Pomeroy!!!  I now have those business cards in each one of their baby books.

Well the Pink shopping was ON!!!  I have filled this house with as much pink as I possibly could!!!!    I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a little girl in the house now.  Chloee and I have already done many shopping trips for hair accessories, clothes and just plain old GIRL STUFF!!! 

Chloee has completed this family!!!  How very lucky we are to have her.  What a wonderful experience it hast been with all three but wow.....boys and girls sure are different.  I love everything about all three of them!!!!    The way Daddy looks at his little melts my heart!!!  Wow we are lucky people!!!!  Daddy has his deer dragers and his princess!!! 

I thank the lord above for three beautiful healthy children!!!!  EVERYDAY!!!!!

Milestone Days

Well the past couple days have been quite the Milestones for The Jettman.  Jett has begun his days at Inspiring Minds and has done an amazing being day 3 in attendance for him and as I sit and type this he is at our garage door trying to put on his own shoes to go to school!  I think he likes it there!!!  :)    The teachers have told me that Jett has a keen interest in the little bathroom there....not sure what that is about but I will investigate. 

The second huge Milestone for Jett this week is his first "Pee on the Potty".  We put him on it last night before going to bed and low and behold....he PEEEEEED!!!!  :)  It sure is funny the little things that can excite a Mom!!!    We danced around the house with him!!!  Just the same as we did with Chase on his first day!!!  He was so damn proud of himself!!!    And so are we!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

One gene my kids received from the Pomeroy side is the gift to SLEEP absolutely anywhere and quickly.  One gene I wish I had myself.  Jett has especially captured this gene and used it to the fullest....I have found him in my house on every floor asleep in every possible corner.  Just to mention a few....At the front door, in the living room on the floor, in the sitting room, every chair in our house, his swing, toboggan, dinner table and now finally at school, right in the middle of the classroom floor....dropped and asleep!  School is tiring!!!! 

Big Heart

I was reminded by Gramma Judy about this tale.  We decided that it would be a great opportunity for Chase to be enrolled in Pre-school, so almost 2 years ago he began to attend Inspiring Minds.  The first 3 weeks were very tough....for Chase (and Mommy)....tears would appear as soon as we pulled up in the car, and they continued as dropped him off and left.  It broke my heart to see him so upset but everyone kept telling me, he will be fine, this is the best thing for him and so on.  So I continued.  Eventually after about 3 weeks, it happen, he began to look forward to going to "school" and playing and seeing his friends.  One of the best things we have done so far for Chase was enroll him in Inspiring Minds, it helped him in so many the end, preparing him for JK that he starts this fall.  The best part however happen a few months ago, there was another new boy attending the school who was having a very hard time with the transition as Chase did.    Chase showed his true colours and just how big his heart is by hugging this little boy and telling him..."It's ok, Mommy and Daddy will come back and get you later have fun with your friends, then it will be time to go home again". 

What a sweet little Dude we have!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Treadmill and The Jett

As reminded by Shannon......the treadmill story needs to be shared!!   Thanks Shannon.
As I am trying to loose that damn baby weight, we bought a treadmill.....challenging myself to get on it everyday is tough enough, but include a toddler in the picture and it becomes more interesting.  One day while taking advantage of the treadmill down in our rec-room, Jett came down with me to play while I did my run........the treadmill intrigued him too much though.....after only a few minutes on it and multiple times of telling Jett to get back, don't touch....he could not resist anymore.  Coming through the front of the the treadmill, he shot right threw my legs and flew off the back into the wall.  Yep a total home video's moment.  Too bad we missed it.  His eyeballs were the size of softballs as I saw him pass threw my legs!!!!!  LOL!!!  Poor kids....the laughs they give me are too much!!!! 

It's a plane, no it's a train....NOPE it's Jett on the Treadmill!!!

Dog Food Snacks

Why does my almost 2 year old (Jett) enjoy dog kibble sooooooo much......I literally have to race him to the mudroom when feeding our two black labs....trying to keep him out of the room while they eat, otherwise he fights them for their food diving in and grabbing two huge mitfuls and shoving it in his mouth.  Can it really taste that good.  Concerned we researched it to make sure it wasn't going to be harmful for him.  Crazy enough, there were tons of websites, dedicated to children eating dog kibble.....apparently it is a common occurrence.  Note to dog food is not good for your kids.  It is a fight during every feeding with Jett....who can get to the bowls first....Mommy or Jett????????

Pooooooo Sauce!!!

Many of you have heard this story but I must document it for all.  A few weeks ago our oldest son Chase excused himself to use the bathroom, after being in there for a very short time a cry came from the bathroom.  A panic scream actually came from the bathroom, calling for Daddy.  Matt then came running to Chase to see what was wrong.  As Matt opened the bathroom door he observed Chase standing with his pants down...and saying ....."Daddy...I have pooooooo sauce on my bum".    Poor little Chase had a case of the poopy's ...... hence poopies in our household now are describe as pooooooo sauce!!!    Thanks for the giggle Chase!

Becoming a Mommy

Maneovering Motherhood
When we first decided that it was time to have a baby.....I was terrified to say the least.  But never have my nerves been put at ease as much as when I looked into my first baby boy Chase's eyes for the very first time.  From that point on I knew I was meant to be a Mommy and put everything I can into their lives, making them happy, healthy and success people.

We then were lucky enough to have another son, 2 and half years later, Jett blew my mind with his crystal blue eyes, who'd a thunk I could have a child with Blue eyes...with this Gilmour gene.  But yes my sweet little hurricane is here!!

Next and final came Miss Chloee our princess.  What a wonderful experience it has been having a little girl....two boys and one little girl....we are such lucky people.

I am blessed to be a Stay at HOME MOM, it has been the toughest, but most wonderful job I have ever had in my life and hence this blog has been created, to help other Mom's and Dad smile and laugh at the stories that happen during kids deserve to have all of their tales documented for later in life, I have chosen to share all our stories with you.  Enjoy the tales and if you have any you would like to share, by all means forward them to me!  Matt and I have many to share with you all so let the tales begin!!!
Just know all the tales that are shared are composed while having 3 little darlings screaming, yelling, running and playing around me!!!  Be patient with me please!!!  lol!!   

Cheers to all the fellow Mommies and Daddies!!!