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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bye Bye Poopy Pants

While visiting here in Kingston we had a new experience with Jett.  During a very busy time, Chloee needed her diaper changed, she had done a number two and made a mess of her brand new pink tights.  Gramma had changed her and while getting her a new outfit to put on, Jett proceeded to put the soiled tights in the can and flush away, cause isn't that where that sort of thing goes?  Yep Jett, your right buddy!!!  Bye Bye new pink tights..enjoy your new home! 

Upon returning home to Wellesley, he decided to flush a toothbrush down the toilet as well!!!    I now have a Plumber on speed dial!!!! 

The next date with the toilet took place two days later.  Matt left his wallet on our dryer within reach of Jett.  I noticed Matt then searching our house in a frenzie.  I asked, what is the matter?  His answer....JETT......he had taken Matt's wallet, taken $200 bucks out and receipts for work.....they were no where to be found.  We finally started to come to the conclusion that the money and receipts that are just like money had been flushed down the toilet.  Luckily after 2 hours of searching, under the couch, there was the money and receipts.  Sorry for thinking you flushed them Jett, however you are still guilty!!!!  LOL!!!


  1. Kari did you forget to turn on your eyes in the back of you head I thought they came when you have more than 1 child.

  2. Can I buy a set for the back of my head? lol!!!