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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Treadmill and The Jett

As reminded by Shannon......the treadmill story needs to be shared!!   Thanks Shannon.
As I am trying to loose that damn baby weight, we bought a treadmill.....challenging myself to get on it everyday is tough enough, but include a toddler in the picture and it becomes more interesting.  One day while taking advantage of the treadmill down in our rec-room, Jett came down with me to play while I did my run........the treadmill intrigued him too much though.....after only a few minutes on it and multiple times of telling Jett to get back, don't touch....he could not resist anymore.  Coming through the front of the the treadmill, he shot right threw my legs and flew off the back into the wall.  Yep a total home video's moment.  Too bad we missed it.  His eyeballs were the size of softballs as I saw him pass threw my legs!!!!!  LOL!!!  Poor kids....the laughs they give me are too much!!!! 

It's a plane, no it's a train....NOPE it's Jett on the Treadmill!!!


  1. This is such a great idea Kar! I love it and will read every one! Love you

  2. Thanks B....lots of fun too!!! I'm sure you will be envolved in a few of these posts!!! lol!!!