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Monday, September 13, 2010

Flying Solo

Well this week will prove to be interesting.  Matt must leave on business for the week.  Sadly he is going to miss Chase getting on the school bus and heading off to his first day of school.  It hurts my heart knowing he will miss this experience, I can only imagine what he will be feeling being away.  So this tale will be dedicated to him.  This week I will document all the cute and not so cute things that occur at the hands of these three!!! 

To start the week off, Jett....yes of course Jett.  The boys were the basement playing as I was trying to keep things calm up on the main floor so that Chloee could have a little cat nap.  Chase started to yell that Jett needed his diaper changed.  Next Jett was coming up the stairs, no pants on, no shirt on, no diaper on...NOTHING.......but poop all over him!!! GREAT!!!  Chase then yells...."there's more down here Mommy".......I first take Jett upstairs and throw him in the shower...letting him rinse in the nice HOT water, then proceeded to head BACK down two flights of stairs yet again to the find Poo Turds all over the Pool table!!!  Apparently that is the place to poo!!!  Chase used to do the same thing during his training period but it would be up on our kitchen counter!!!  Yep...I used a lot of Bleach then for cleaning!!!    I would find little nuggets of treasures left for me on the counter!!!!  And so the poo stories continue......For people without kids I know this is a crazy thought but for those of you with kids...yep just another day!!! 

I will keep this tale open and let Matt enjoy it at the end of the week!!!  Stay Tuned!!!  lol!!!

Tues. Sept. 14th, 2010........
So another fun little story happen today......Chase, Chloee and I went out to do some errands, Jett was at preschool.  We went and got all our "stuff" done and were driving home.  I began singing to Aerosmith.....Chase says to me "Mommy stop it, you're making me headache!!!!"  Apparently I am a really bad singer if I can make someone headache!!!  lol!!

Wed. Sept. 15, 2010............
So I usually am pretty confident that my kids are in great hands when they are with worries!!!  But, today I look out the window to our backyard, which is completely fenced in with locks and all....should be no worries right???......Wrong!!!  IT'S JETT!!!


  1. I know this a dirty job but someone has to do it.
    Keep the stories coming I Love . try putting the potty next to the corner pocket


  2. bhahaha i love pooo stories.. at least he is not eating it like Mckenna did!!!

  3. hey Kari what to kids now Aerosmith is great