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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pooooooo Sauce!!!

Many of you have heard this story but I must document it for all.  A few weeks ago our oldest son Chase excused himself to use the bathroom, after being in there for a very short time a cry came from the bathroom.  A panic scream actually came from the bathroom, calling for Daddy.  Matt then came running to Chase to see what was wrong.  As Matt opened the bathroom door he observed Chase standing with his pants down...and saying ....."Daddy...I have pooooooo sauce on my bum".    Poor little Chase had a case of the poopy's ...... hence poopies in our household now are describe as pooooooo sauce!!!    Thanks for the giggle Chase!


  1. That's sooo adorable. We call it Poop Juice over here...Ew

  2. I Love this story everytime i read it!