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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Travelling With Kids

Can there be anything more tough than travelling with your kids, yep maybe the preparation for the travel!!!  I spend days getting ready for our trips to Kingston, so many things to think about from Teething Gel to Taggy Blankets, my crew travel with a lot of things, no wonder our Suburban is loaded to the max, 2 adults 3 kids, 2 black labs and all our stuff!!!  It's pure insanity! 

Then we come to the actually travel day and the caous that happens getting the vehicle loaded, making sure the dogs have gone to the bathroom, does everyone have their snack and drinks, bottles are full, diapers are changed and Chase have you used the bathroom yet?  Just a few of the thoughts that flash threw my mind.

We are loaded and we pull out of our driveway, waving goodbye to our house and starting that 4 hour journey of ...... Mom I need a drink, Mom Jett is looking at me, Mom I need to go pee, Mom, Mom, Mom......that is only Chase, then Jett has his own wants with the list starting with drinks, snacks, put the movie on, my diaper is wet, I want my bottle, give me my taggy...all in his own little language. 
Who ever is lucky enough to be in the passenger sit, gets to tend to all of their needs and the driver, well they get to sit back and laugh!!!  I opted for driving this trip!!!    I laugh at the process of travel days!!!

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