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Friday, September 10, 2010

Milestone Days

Well the past couple days have been quite the Milestones for The Jettman.  Jett has begun his days at Inspiring Minds and has done an amazing being day 3 in attendance for him and as I sit and type this he is at our garage door trying to put on his own shoes to go to school!  I think he likes it there!!!  :)    The teachers have told me that Jett has a keen interest in the little bathroom there....not sure what that is about but I will investigate. 

The second huge Milestone for Jett this week is his first "Pee on the Potty".  We put him on it last night before going to bed and low and behold....he PEEEEEED!!!!  :)  It sure is funny the little things that can excite a Mom!!!    We danced around the house with him!!!  Just the same as we did with Chase on his first day!!!  He was so damn proud of himself!!!    And so are we!!!!

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