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Friday, September 10, 2010

My Princess

To start the tale, I must tell you what Matt did just hours before each one of our ultrasounds.  He took one of his business cards and wrote down his guess of what sex the baby was to be.  Wouldn't show me until we had left the building and found out what the baby was.  2 times out of 3 he had been RIGHT!    Would it happen again???????

With our two boys, Chase and Jett he called it, we were thrilled!  I was so excited to have boys, especially since they are half Gilmours, I wanted some hockey players!  But then the third opportunity came and we found ourselves in the ultrasound room.  I was so excited, I was going to be happy with either sex but deep down inside since I had been privileged with two boys I wanted a shot at a little girl.   I waited patiently for the technician to tell us the heart thumped!!!  And finally.....she said....WELL, to me it looks like a ..........little girl!!!  I almost fell off the table!!!!  Sooooooo happy and lucky, can you imagine, having two awesome healthy boys at home and now we were going to be able to add a little girl to our complete our family!!!  As we left the ultrasound office, Matt handed me the business card, and revealed..."It's gonna be a GIRL"......3 for 3 Pomeroy!!!  I now have those business cards in each one of their baby books.

Well the Pink shopping was ON!!!  I have filled this house with as much pink as I possibly could!!!!    I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a little girl in the house now.  Chloee and I have already done many shopping trips for hair accessories, clothes and just plain old GIRL STUFF!!! 

Chloee has completed this family!!!  How very lucky we are to have her.  What a wonderful experience it hast been with all three but wow.....boys and girls sure are different.  I love everything about all three of them!!!!    The way Daddy looks at his little melts my heart!!!  Wow we are lucky people!!!!  Daddy has his deer dragers and his princess!!! 

I thank the lord above for three beautiful healthy children!!!!  EVERYDAY!!!!!


  1. Happy birthday Kari. the best present you will ever get is Chase Jett And Chloee. I Love your blog all those little stories about the kids make my day complete. I have even shortcutted it to my dsektop

  2. Very well put,from 2 of the most amazing people in my life. Your 3 children truly are blessed!