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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Princess turns "1"

Well we had a wonderful day celebrating with friends and family Chloee's first birthday.  She had three wardrobe changes throughout the day, the diva that she is.
The Final dress of the day
The first dress of the day
The second dress of the day
Her very first birthday cake was made by our dear friend Adrienne.  How very lucky we are.....her
Barbie Cake...
It is hard to believe it has been a year, even as I sit here and type thinking back to a year ago today, beginning to have some cramping and heading into the hospital......She was Early.....couldn't wait any longer!    To date we no longer are on Formula, we are on full blown milk now, she walks with a little toy walker now or cruize's around the furniture, she has her two front teeth and bottom teeth.  She now uses those teeth to eat all kinds of new foods, enjoying blueberry's and raspberry's, and cheese slices are her fav. 

What a wonderful year it has been, looking so forward to the bright future with all three of our amazing kids~!!!