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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Big Day!!!! Chase's School Career Begins!

I type this tale with joy and sadness.......really can my baby be attending his first day of school tomorrow.  I am thrilled for him but at the same time terrified.  He is going on a big school bus all by himself, with a ton of other (older) kids.  I found myself laying in bed last night, worrying about getting him out to the bus stop (which happens to be in front of our house) in time.  Worrying about making him a big boy lunch, will he eat it, will he eat his snacks at the right time.  What if he is thirsty, will I send him enough juice and milk!  My god I am making myself crazy!!!! 

On the other hand I am soooo excited for him to begin this journey!!!  I hope he loves to learn the way his Daddy does....always something new each day!!!    I will spend my evening getting his clothes picked out for his big day, getting his new school bag packed, getting the camera charged up for pictures and hugging him tightly!!!!    Here we go............will update tomorrow!!!! 

 Well the big day is here and it went off perfectly.....I was a little nervous standing there as the big bus pulled up but Chase and his buddy Braeden got on the school bus together and away they went.  It really was the sweetest sight.  However as the school bus pulled away.....omg....he was gone!!!  It all happen so darn fast.  We packed his lunch together & picked his clothes out this morning, and now there he goes down the road in the big school bus!!!  I am a proud Momma this morning!!!  Way to go Chase!!!  You did awesome....can't wait to hear how your day went!!!  Love you!

Well he is home now and had a fantastic day!!!  He was so happy when he came home and got off the bus!!!  He said he had lots of fun playing in the gym today cause they were allowed to yell and scream!!!  With nobody telling him to be quiet!!!  lol!!!  Things have changed since I attended public school for sure.  One thing that stands out is they have two nutrition snack times, one mid morning and one mid afternoon  instead of a lunch hour.  When they got off the school bus I noticed they were "tagged" like cattle, it was pretty cute, letting all know where they were heading home to.   My little man looks very tired's to a nice quiet night in the Pomeroy household!!!!  :)


  1. ha, He will be fine,
    Lunches...Katelynn took 2 bites of her sandwich and then ate all the other stuff. She ate what was to be a treat and not what she was supposed to.
    Also remember if it comes in something the garbage will be sent home. IE... katelynn had pudding and did not finish it and they put it back in her bag and i had pudding everyhwere. They do not throw anything out....

  2. Oh that sounds fantastic!!! Thanks Ad.....LOL!!! Pudding!!! Great!!!!

  3. Yes Kari it is a big for Chase and you but I know you both will do a great job.Tell Chase I am looking to hearing how is day went.

    Don't worry Kari it will all work fine


  4. Great pictures and a great Grandson I bet he has a great day in his new school How exciting