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Friday, November 5, 2010

A VERY PROUD Momma Moment

Well today I attended Chase's first Parent Teacher Night interview for Junior Kindergarten.  What a wonderful experience it was....please be patient with my while I gloat for a little bit!!!

A few of the key notes about Chase were......
1.  He can now write his own name and recognize his name.
2.  He is ready to begin the reading journey.
3.  Follows direction.
4.  Very courteous of others and their feelings
5.  Very respectful of others belongings.
6.  Provides Self-direction.
7.  Very confident in trying new activities.
8.  Has a huge group of friends.
10.  Very Helpful with others in need.
11.  Can count to 29.
12.  Beginning to copy letters and create sentences.

Such a proud moment in a Mommy's Life, thank you for allowing me to share!!!


  1. Ha did she say anything about Chase and Katleynn's

  2. Oh yes...that they have a Love/Hate realationship......and she can tell Katelynn looks up to Chase like a big brother...and that they both need each other.... :)

  3. Good job Chase! Love Aunt Heed xxoo