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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 with 3 kids!

How very blessed we are to be surrounded by so much family at Christmas time!!!  Chase, Jett and Chloee have truly allowed us to live through their eyes with the excitement of Christmas time!!!  It was so very exciting to watch Chase this year, he was soooooo excited about every moment of the holiday.  This was the first year that he really "got" the whole Santa thing and what was happening!!!  Christmas morning in our house was completely craziness....and I LOVED every minute.....watching 3 kids opening all their gifts and the excitement in their eyes...well that was gift enough for me!!  We also tried to teach Chase however, how very lucky he is and that there are kids out there that are not so lucky, and so we bought some toys to give away to those kids.  He understood and I think he was very excited about the thought of giving a present to another child.  Jett loved every second as well, he did not understand the whole concept but man he was so sweet and happy throughout the whole craziness.  Chloee, well she was just her sweet self and posed ever so perfect for all the pictures that her crazy mom took of all three kids.  Wishing everyone a wonderful 2011....looking forward to sharing more stories this coming year!

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