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Thursday, October 7, 2010

And A Hockey Career Begins

Well my 4 year old Chase will be beginning his hockey days starting this evening.  This little man will be on the ice 3 times a week, which seems like a lot to me.  But I am told it will be great for him and he will probably be like his Grampa Dave out there on the ice, mixed in with a little of his Daddy's "Doctor Death" style of hockey.  I am soooooo lucky to be becoming a "Hockey Mom".  Looking forward to every minute of it.   Will update how the first night goes later!!!  Way to go Big Man aka ....Baby Doctor Death!!!

Well the first day of hockey wasn't to successful, Chase came home from school not well....fell asleep and had to be woken up 20 minutes befor we were to leave for the rink....Ever try to form a kids mouth guard for him when he has just been woken up and very grumpy?  No...well try it sometime, wish I had of caught this on tape.....Chase wanted no part in the little piece of plastic and lost his mind.  Finally after 25 minutes of negotiating, fighting, tears and more tears,(mommy laughing in the corner as daddy tried to make this simple task happen)  the mouth guard has been formed....ready for hockey on Saturday morning.  I will be sure to update...lets hope we make it to the rink this time!!!!

Well Saturday monring came along and off he went to the rink!!!  He LOVED it!!!  Matt said he did really well for not being on the ice since last year!!!  I'm a proud Hockey Momma !!!

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