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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Day of a Mom

Well for kicks I thought I would document a day in my life with 3 ya go!!!

We started our day at 6am, which was a pretty good start.  Down the stairs and time to get a bottle for Ms. Chloee and one for Jett and a sippy cup for Chase of milk, next, time to change some bums, Chloee first, then Jett....ok everyone is ok for the moment, time to poor a coffee that Matt has so graciously made for us, turn the tube onto BT and grab my computer for some updates.  10 minutes later, Mommy.....I need some toast...can you make me some toast...up again and making toast.  As I pass by to head to the kitchen I get a wiff, of Chloee, yep the princess is in need of a diaper change and bad!!!!  Good one little one!!!  Make the toast and deliver to the boys.  Where's my drink, back to the kitchen.   Everyone is fine again for a moment, run to the laundry room and throw a load in.  Back to the living room, as there is a wrestling matching that has broken out, apparently we can't share a book.........referee time!!!  Ok Chloee is done her bottle and in need of an activity change, over to the floor to play on the her play mat.  Mommy, I need clothes, I wanna get dressed now...up the stairs I run to grab two sets of clothes.  No I don't like those socks!!!  Too bad...WEAR EM!!!  Ok Diaper change number 2 for Jett and dressing time!
Mommy, can you put a movie on downstairs....down the stairs we go to the rec room, put a movie on down there.  Can you build us a train tack?  Yep down on the hands and knee's building a track.  Chloee begins to scream up on the main level so back up the stairs I go.  She is ready for her nap, change of bum for her #3 and stussy in the mouth and a little rocking in her stroller.  All is calm, back to my computer for a few updates!  And the buzzer rings on the washer, load is done, time to switch to the dryer and throw another load in.  Now time to get something productive done in the house, fall is here, lets get all the summer shoe's put away......task done!!!  Chloee awakes for Bum Change #4, this time, we need a bath........pull all the bath stuff out and up we go to the tub.  All clean now and dressed in a new outfit!   Buzzer goes on the washer again....loads switched.  Ok now time to start thinking about lunch and what to make for supper.  Chili tonight so I will start that now, yes even though it is only 10:50am.  Gotta be prepared!!!!  
And the screams from the basement start yet again and out comes the referee!!!  Time out for Chase, up the stairs we go......we don't hit each other.  Ya right!!! 
Jett wants some more milk...back upstairs to the kitchen and to get him a bottle, thank god it is almost nap time for him.  Should I try now?????  Yep, no that didn't work, too early, now they want to go and play in the backyard, on the coats and shoes go and out they go!!!  Good time to start the hamburger for the chili, 10 minutes later...they're back in...can you put a movie on?  We want a Peanut Butter sandwich, well I guess lunch is done!  No crust Mom, I don't eat that!!!  Ok done!!!
Continue making the chili.  Chloee's awake from her 30 min. nap....diaper change #5, might just a well do Jett while my hands our dirty, #3 for him.    Ok time to get back down on the floor and have some play time with the boys....making forts it is!!!
Now we want to go back outside, shoes back on and coats, out they go, 5 minutes later....Mom, Jett stepped in Dog poo...out I go to clean up dog s&%*....never those shoes go and new ones put on!  Ok they are playing outside fine, time to sit down and relax for a few!!!    Ok back in they come and want Treehouse on, perhaps a little quiet time for Mom.......Jett is ready for a nap, up the stairs we go, put down for a nap, Chloee wakes up, and dryer buzzer goes, time to fold!!  Mommy can I have a snack, yep Chase...go pick something out!  I need a milk too please.  Done, snack time!  ooooops Mommy, I dropped my cheesies all over the floor.  Get over there and down on the hands and knees again to clean them up before the dogs get them.  Ok all cleaned up.  I think I need to eat something myself, nothing in this tummy this morning yet.......grab a yogurt and eat it standing up while I load the dishwasher!  As I type this I am laughing cause it sounds ridiculous but it is all true.......who needs a treadmill, it's only 11:30 am and I have done more laps then I could possibly make myself do on the good old mill!!!! 
Well break time is now over and time to run the vacuum around the house to get up the dog hair from our two black labs.  This is done literally kidding!!  Just ask Matt, I drive him nuts.  And why Jett loves vacuums.  And Hench, why Gramma bought him his very own machine!!!   And so the day continues....
Time for another diaper change, lost count by this point, but both of them need it done and NOW!!!  No wasting time!!!  lol!!!  Yet another trip to the garage garbage the dirty diapers go!

Mommy can I have a snack?  Yet again Chase is hungry....this time I guess it should be a healthy one....grab a banana dude!!!  Bottle time for Chloee again too.  Ok supper is simmering on the stove now, yes it is early but it is done, don't have to worry about that now as Chase has hockey at 5....not much time to eat and get out the door.
Chase has now started to teach himself to pour his own milk, doing a pretty good job a few spills but soon that will be one thing off the list to do!!! 
I sit and type this while rocking Chloee in her stroller with my foot......I think you get the idea of my day.....and it just continues on like this.......LOVE MY BOSSES TO DEATH!!  They put me to work and I wouldn't change a second of my day!!!  The pay is FANTASTIC!!!!! 

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  1. Ha its a wonderful life. stressful never ending as theis is day in day out the same routine. And then the men ask "what have you done all day other then throw in a load of laundry that took you 5 min what did you do with the rest of your day. how hard is it to watch the kids!" it was tiring just to read it! ugh really we need to be paid for this! lol :)