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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Matt decides early in the evening that he wanted to go and get some firewood for the kids to have some campfires on this beautiful long weekend.  He takes the boys with him and was going to stop at a local farm to let the kids see the animals, the cow, horses and goats.  They had a great time!  When they came home the boys were outside with Daddy unloading the firewood.  I got on the computer and was doing a little work, after about 20 minutes of being outside, Chase came in and said "Mommy Look., Look Mommy".  I was in the middle of an email and did not want to loose my train of thought so continued to type.  Once again Chase called me and yet again, so I stopped typing and turned and looked at him.  OMG he was holding a beautiful little duck by the my kitchen!!!!  I screamed so loud it scared him and he began to scream and then it turned into crying!!!    After it all I felt so bad for scaring him but man he scared the poop out of me....can you imagine turning around and seeing your son holding a real duck by the neck standing in the middle of your kitchen!!!  It's times like this I wish we had a permanent video camera running in this house to we could have captured the moment.  Being the mother of boys...well lets just say....WOW!!!  The adventure continues!!!! LOL!!!  Little did I know that when Matt went to this farm a wee bit of hunting would occur!!!


  1. good story Kari let games begin keep on blogging love the stories

  2. Kari you story scares me. I am supposed to come up to your place on wed. Will you have time to make breakfast lunch and supper for me. Just kidding.

    Looking forward to handling a couple of boys and give you more time with Chloee or I could hold Chloee and you handle the boys Whatever.