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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kiss it Better Mom!!!

Well today was a first, even for a Mom of three.  Jett had hurt himself....had a little tumble, nothing new for him.  We ask our kids alot, can we kiss it better when they get hurt.  So today after Jett had fallen off the bar stool (for the 100th time) he came to me upset, I said, Mommy kiss it better?  He said Yaaaaaaa and came to me, pulled his pants down to his bare bum and bent over for me to kiss his bum...better!!!!    Got love the way kids think!!!!  Jett just another story to add to the list and tell at your wedding some day!!!  Love you big fella!!!

Jett Pomeroy .... Dec. 2010.  2 Years Old, after a wee bit of colour with markers.

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