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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Terrible Two's!!!

Well we have officially reached the Terrible 2's phase with Jett.  I am experiencing things with him that I never did with Chase.  At least I don't recall it happening, but maybe!!!  Jett enjoys having the battle of the wils with me.......on a regular occurrence now, upon Jett acting up he is told he will be going for a "Time Out" if he doesn't stop.....well....his response....."OK, Let's go", and away he heads to the stairs to assume the position, all this time laughing!!!  It just doesn't seem to phase this kid.  Once his timeout is over, we head back to what we were doing where most of the time he returns to doing what he got the time out for in the first place....It is a big game for him....and we just keep going around and around.

I have took to watching the Supernanny every chance I get now and take notes!  I have learned that it seems to be more effective taking things away from Jett that he enjoys...Hench..his milk.  He loves his milk and can't get enough each the milk goes bye bye.  Consistency is the key at this point I have slacking off with this one!!!!  Otherwise he will play me like a fiddle!    Any advise from fellow parents out there is welcome!!!!  Momma is tired!!!!  LOL!!! 

It amazes me that this sweet little face can be a little hellion when he chooses!!!!

Jett Pomeroy ...Nov. 2010 ..2 years old - Krock Centre watching the Frontenac's play.

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