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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sick Kids...The Season of the Flu

Well one thing I was never told or never realized befor having kids was how sick a house could get from the germ bugs they bring in your home, and will continue all threw the season to be sick and continue to pass it on to each other over and over again. 

We have had so many colds in this house this year that I have seriously lost count of who has had what and for how long and what all the symptoms were.......It certainly is true, kids enter school and daycare and sickness comes along with it!  I have to say the mommy inside of me loves the extra cuddle time that I am banking up but it hurts my heart to watch my three kids uncomfortable from the flu or a cold of some sort. 

It seems I am forever washing hands, surfaces and faces, just trying to avoid these colds, but in the end, it really doesn't seem to matter as the colds reside in someone in the house.  I have never tried the flu shot......does anyone have any comments on it?  Would love to know what you think!    I can honestly say that this house is sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!!!    Any tips fellow Mom's? 
Chase Pomeroy - 4 years old...up late one night due to a cold!

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