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Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Milestone Reached

Well as we enter a new month, (Feb 2011) we have entered a new milestone with Miss Chloee, we now have a moving baby.  She is not actually crawling but is pulling herself along the floor, carpet and hardwood.  She has the motion down and I am sure normal crawling won't be long but in the meantime, she is quite happy to be pulling herself all over the house.  New Challenges this brings, oh yes, already having Chase and Jett running around the house and dropping toys and nicks and nacs all over has Mommy running around picking things up like a maniac in fear that Chloee will get it.  With Chase, this wasn't an issue as he was the only one, no worries of toys form his older siblings, then Jett arrived and well it was a bit more of a challenge with Chase playing everywhere in the house but he was pretty good and keeping his toys away from Baby Jett, well now it is Jett's turn and he just happens to leave everything everywhere, making my days full.  Nothing new with Jett though!!!    I must give him credit though, when it is time to clean up, that kid will clean up and won't stop till it's done!!!  Hopefully he continues that way!

So now I have 3 children, doing their own thing, happy and healthy playing all around our home....every little inch!!!  How very lucky we are!!!!

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